An exclusive, client-centered search option.  We are paid  a retainer fee by the employer which is a percentage of the placement fee at the beginning of the search. The total fee is usually based on a percentage of the annual salary offered to the selected candidate.  We operate on an exclusive basis (only GLOBAL Recruitment Solutions is conducting the search). We represent your business in a confidential manner and will be engaged in all aspects of the search process, starting from defining a tailor-made search strategy through candidate integration. 

Recruitment Services

Our contract placement services allow you to supplement your regular workforce with highly qualified professionals for as long as you need them. Our clients rely on contract engineers, designers, drafters and other skilled professionals to quickly adjust to changing business and market conditions. We can help meet tight project deadlines, supply specific technical expertise, cover extended absences of key personnel and handle fluctuations in workload.

Contingency Search Agreement

Contract / Temporary Placement Services

Hiring the right people is strategically important in today’s competitive business environment. Companies lose thousands of dollars if they underestimate the costs of employee recruitment and employee turnover—not to mention the time consumed in the process. GLOBALRecruitment Solutions provides a range of responsive, cost-effective placement services for the acquisition of  professional talent. Our team will work with you and our candidates to ensure a precise match that will benefit both for the long term.

Retained Search Agreement

Contractors are W-2 employees of GLOBAL Recruitment Solutions, so you are only responsible for one hourly rate – we are responsible for payroll taxes, state & federal unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, professional liability insurance, and benefits. In this way, our contract staffing services allow you to minimize employment-related costs, while enjoying complete flexibility in your technical staffing decisions.

Our most common and flexible search option with NO upfront cost/fee. The employer is not obligated to pay unless we are able to find a candidate you feel would make a great asset to your team!  We seek to place as many qualified candidates in front of the client as possible in the shortest possible time. We advertise job postings and use online databases to identify a large number of potential candidates who likely fit the client’s criteria. Resumes are shared with the client who then takes a more hands-on approach to reviewing and evaluating the candidates.